Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Finished Some Great Interviews!

Wow! It was so fun to talk with Jasmine and Quinlyn tonight! Thank you for letting us interview you!

We also interviewed our surprise mystery guest tonight! It was incredible! Here's a clue: Their initials are JG. We hope to have the podcast episode out some time next week!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Any ideas for an American Girl birthday party at home?

Hello! Christa turns 9 years old in a couple weeks and we're thinking about having an American Girl party at her house. Any ideas on how to have a fun birthday party with our dolls?

Please leave a comment with you ideas or e-mail us at girldolltalk@gmail.com.

We'll let you know what we do! In fact, we might just make an episode out of it and give you credit if we use your ideas!

We have a really fun idea for the next episode, interviewing a very special person that we think all of you will know! Ah, but it's a secret until we publish the next episode!

Your American Girl friends,

Christa and Mia

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our First Video Podcast! Taking Care of Kaya's Bad Hair Day!

Hello! Thank you for listening to Girl Doll Talk, the podcast for fans of American Girl dolls!

We normally publish audio podcasts but we thought we would try a video podcast episode this time! Christa's Kaya has had a bad hair day and everything we do to fix things seems to make it worse! What's a girl to do?

Well, why not take a road trip to the American Girl Place in Chicago! In this episode you'll get to meet us and some friends as we go to get Kaya's hair fixed at the store's salon. Along the way you'll hear some interviews of fans at the store. In addition, we call some podcast listeners who contacted us, including Hannah, Lily, and Joelle! You'll hear about their websites and even a giveaway!

To watch the podcast here on the website, we've included it below using YouTube. If you want to watch it on your iPhone or iPod, just add our podcast to your iTunes list and it will automatically be downloaded. You can find us on iTunes at http://bit.ly/GirlDollTalkoniTunes.

We invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/GirlDollTalk.

Here's an insider hint: try to find a guest appearance by an American Girl doll in the video! Which one did you see? We're not talking about Kaya! This one is more sneaky!

Quick follow-up: in our last episode Liz asked how long it takes American Girl to design a new outfit. We called American Girl and asked! They said it can vary but in general it takes about 18 months. Wow! We're sure it must be a lot of work to come up with the ideas and then make them available to the world!

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think of our first video podcast! Also, please send us an e-mail at girldolltalk@gmail.com. We'll try to read it in a future episode!

Taking Care of Kaya's Bad Hair Day!