Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Any ideas for an American Girl birthday party at home?

Hello! Christa turns 9 years old in a couple weeks and we're thinking about having an American Girl party at her house. Any ideas on how to have a fun birthday party with our dolls?

Please leave a comment with you ideas or e-mail us at

We'll let you know what we do! In fact, we might just make an episode out of it and give you credit if we use your ideas!

We have a really fun idea for the next episode, interviewing a very special person that we think all of you will know! Ah, but it's a secret until we publish the next episode!

Your American Girl friends,

Christa and Mia


  1. I know you could find some Birthday stuff somewhere! You can type it in on Google or something or even Ebay!

    Happy early Birthday Christa! Hope you have a great Birthday!

    I cannot wait for the next episode!

    I know Quinlyn is being interviewed.

  2. about you set your dolls up special for a centerpiece. And you could decorate with AG's colors. :)

  3. How about a doll tea party and you can make full sized treats for the people and doll sized treats for the special guests!

  4. Have all your friends bring their dolls, and just have fun! Make a mini cake, give out mini goody bags, and make a mini party for your dolls! Maybe even give the guests names of AG characters! Like Christa could be Chrissa, Mia could be Mia (of course!), a girl named Katie could be Kaya, a girl named Rachel could be Rebecca, etc. Have fun!
    ~Ghillie (pronounced gilly, like the Irish dance shoe)

  5. So many great ideas! Thank you! Dad and Mom say they have some creative ideas. We might just make a video podcast out of the party! We'll see! Thank you again for the ideas!