Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Take a Leap of Fun! A Short, Crazy Video Podcast

Hello American Girl fans!

Christa's brother Barrett works with Rocket Launch Media, which does cool web videos for small businesses. Anyway, he thought it would be fun to put together this crazy little clip for Girl Doll Talk.

We hope your summer is starting well! We should have our next audio podcast episode out next week. In the meantime, have a great day!

Take a Leap of Fun with Christa and Mia!


  1. could you please add my blog to your links? It is

  2. Hi, Christa and Mia! I LOVE your podcast! When are you going to make another one, though? It's been a while. Just asking! Thanks for making such a great blog and podcast! Hannah

  3. Hi, Christa and Mia! Could you add my sisters, my friends, and my new blog to your links? It's called Thanks! Hannah

  4. Please do another post really really really soon! We love your podcast! Hope you had a happy Halloween! Hannah

  5. Where have you guys been? I miss your posts and podcasts! Post again really soon!! ~Samantha