Friday, April 1, 2011

Kanani Chat with Author Lisa Yee

Hello American Girl fans! Christa and Mia here, with another episode of the Girl Doll Talk Podcast!

Well, Kanani fever continues to spread! In this episode, we talk with Lisa Yee, author of Aloha, Kanani and Good Job, Kanani. Mrs. Yee is also the author of Good Luck, Ivy. She's not only a great writer. She's a REALLY fun lady! You have to check her blog out at You can learn more about this wonderful authoress at Don't miss her pictures with Peeps! Here's our picture!

In this episode we also talk with the founder of a blog that is currently getting a high amount of traffic through the Top American Girl Fan Sites contest we have going: Australian Girl Fan ( Brittany-Amelia is a wonderful new friend from "down under" and she introduces us all to her love for both Australian Girl Dolls and American Girl Dolls!

We also talk to a sweet new friend Leana (also known as Le-Le) who, along with her mom, gives their best shot at the Hawaiian reef trigger fish name!

Speaking of that fish name, in our last episode we invited you to send in a video or audio of you and your friends trying to say Humuhumunukunukuapua'a! Well, in this episode we up the stakes! Send your audio or video to and we'll pick one of the entries to receive a free Girl Doll Talk tote bag! Come on, girls! Get your friends together and take your best shot! We'd love to send you a free tote bag!

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11: Kanani Chat with author Lisa Yee


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  2. Thanks for posting again! I sent you an email! Please read it in your next podcast!

  3. Hey in your photo, my brother has the jacket on the person with the bunny face.

  4. Caelen, that's cool! Or creepy! Not sure which.... :)

    Emma, thank you for the recording! Caelen, how about you send in your best shot at saying that Hawaiian Reef Trigger fish?

    Your American Girl friends,

    Christa and Mia