Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Audio only: Ringing in the New Year with Mary Casanova, author of the McKenna Brooks books!

Earlier today we published a video podcast of our interview with Mary Casanova, author of the 2012 Girl of the Year McKenna books (among many other books!).

We are posting this audio-only version of the episode for those who do not have the ability to watch videos on their mp3 players.

Here's the audio! Enjoy! Let us know what you liked about what Mrs. Casanova talked about!

15: Ringing in the New Year with Friends and Mary Casanova, author of McKenna books!


  1. Hi Christa and Mia! My dad downloaded the audio version of the podcast on my iPod! The video doesn't work on my version, but it worked on my sister's! I loved the new episode!

  2. Here are my top 3 strengths:
    1. Music and Rhythm
    2. Math and Numbers
    3. Words and Writing

  3. That's great, Emma! Did any of those surprise you? We thought it was pretty fun to go through the questions. We need to do it again because we didn't write down the strengths! :)

  4. Here are my results:

    1. Arts & Creativity
    2. Math & Numbers
    3. People & Problem Solving

    I think that's a pretty good summary of me! Good job American Girl!


  5. Here are my results:

    3.People&Problem Solving

    This is so me,I love all these things!


  6. I love your ag dolls Molly and Emily are my faves I want her so bad