Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ringing in the New Year with Friends and Mary Casanova, author of the McKenna books!

Hello American Girl fans!

A couple years ago we got some friends together for Christmas and made a video podcast celebrating the holiday. It just so happened that all of us were together again over New Years. So we decided to do another video podcast! It's crazy to see how much older everyone looks!

In addition to the fun with friends, this episode includes our interview with the amazing Mary Casanova! We've heard from many listeners that her previous interview was one of their favorites and we're excited to bring this episode to you! Mrs. Casanova talks about the 2012 Girl of the Year, McKenna Brooks. Plus she answers questions that some of you submitted!

You can watch the video below or sync it through iTunes if you have subscribed to our podcast. We'll also publish a separate episode that is audio only for listeners that don't have access to video iPods or iTunes.

Have you checked out the McKenna microsite on We invite you to try the McKenna's Take the Challenge to identify your strengths. It's fun! Leave a comment with what your top 3 strengths are! It will be fun to see what people find!

Thank you so much for listening! We love hearing from you. Contact us at Thanks!

Ringing in the New Year with friends and Mary Casanova, author of McKenna books!

For audio only:


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  2. :D you guys look a lot older since your first episode!!! I guess thats because it was almost 4 years ago. Love your podcast


  3. I guess we're all older now, eh? :) Thank you for the kind words about the podcast.

    Here are my results from the "Take the Challenge" quiz:

    1. Arts & Creativity
    2. Math & Numbers
    3. People & Problem Solving

    I think that's a pretty good summary of me! Good job American Girl!